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Autumn/Winter 2013 Sneak Preview

Autumn/Winter 2013 Sneak Preview

We visited childrenswear trade show Bubble London at the weekend to see what’s going down for next winter (yes, that’s NEXT winter!). As well as firm favourites Tootsa MacGinty, Grubbies, Indikidual and Boys&Girls, we found some exciting new brands, top of our list being the new Ruff & Huddle who are collaborating with print designer...
Next Summer's Hot

Next Summer’s Hot

We visited the childrenswear trade show Bubble London at the weekend to see what’s in store for next summer. Madness I know when it seems like this summer has barely begun, but the designers have to work really far in advance to perfect their design and production in time to get the collection to the...
Worn Again

Worn Again

Here is Kate of Tootsa MacGinty‘s sister and daughter wearing the same Clothkits hat 30 years apart. Kate says “This gorgeous Clothkits hat has just been handed down yet again. It was my little sister’s hat (my 2 year old’s auntie) and she wore it during the late 1980′s. My nephew (her son) has worn...
All In A Day's Work

All In A Day’s Work

Our first fashion shoot! Photographed by the hugely talented Diane Sagnier, styled by The Small Folk editor, Poppy, and modelled by Elwood and Lilah. Who said never work with children or animals? We had a ball. Yeah ok, the tiger wasn’t real, but we danced to the Jungle Book soundtrack and ate gingerbread men to...