The Small Folk is an alternative parent/kid website and zine for the generation who have grown older but not up. The kind who are more likely to be found down the skate park with their kids than teaching them table manners. Not alternative as in yoghurt-weaving hippy, but alternative sport, travel, fashion, art, craft, culture and events. The Small Folk is for the parents who thought they’d never be parents and the kids who think mum and dad are cool (well, kind of).

A bit about the editor:
After studying fashion at Central Saint Martins, Poppy Smith went on to be fashion editor of Cooler magazine for five years. During maternity leave she came up with the idea to do a kids online mag, one that she and her friends, ex pro skaters, snowboarders, BMXers and general rad types (who were all now sprogging), would be in to. And thus The Small Folk was born.

Photo by Diane Sagnier for Billabong