If your kids are lucky enough to have a granny who knits, then you’ll probably have a nice little collection of one-off, lovingly handcrafted, possibly personalised jumpers, cardis, tanks, hats, blankets… The beauty of it is you’re not going to see any other child in the playground wearing the same thing, and there’s something delightful about a slightly misshapen, a bit shrunken, arms longer than the body kind of look – not that we’re saying all granny knits are like that!

This is the latest creation from our Granny Who Knits, and possibly the best yet (although the personalised crochet cot blanket and the matching red cardi, hat and booties were all pretty special). The pattern is from a French ‘baby ideas’ magazine picked up on a trip to France in the early 80’s, hence the wonderfully boxy body shape.

If you don’t know a Granny Who Knits then Sweetheart Knits, catch-phrase: “hand knitting just like granny made”, have a range of booties, hats , jumpers and tanks with great designs. Our favourites are the pirate jumpers and dinosaur hats. You can buy from their website sweetheartknits.co.uk or their Saturday stall at Broadway Market in East London.

//If you have a Granny Who Knits, please send in photos of their creations to poppy@thesmallfolk.com//