As our first ‘Worn Again’ was so popular, we’ve decided to make it a regular feature. Kimberley of Mini Magpie sent in these amazing photos of her son Odin and her husband Jørn wearing the same jumpsuit 30 or so years apart. Here’s what she said:

“Jørn’s mum, Gretha, made this zip up jump suit for Jørn when he was about 2, she kept everything in the loft in Norway and of course I raided the lot when I was pregnant, then Odin is wearing the same suit to playgroup when he is 2.”

Jørn is now all grown up and a very talented photographer. Recently he set up a pop-up studio on Chatsworth Road where he lives. See his work here.

//If you have photos of you or your partner and your children wearing the same item of clothing, please email them to