A good excuse to throw a mad tea party and generally be a bit bonkers. Perfect for girls who love fantasy.


Either a playing card or a label (like the ‘drink me’ labels Alice finds) asking guests to meet you in wonderland, and not to be late for a very important date


Each friend is allocated a character from Alice in Wonderland, or top hats and rabbit ears for all except the party girl (or boy!)


Tea (juice) in teapots, odd sized cups and saucers

Attach labels with the words ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ to all kinds of things, like the sugar bowl and bottles

Bake little cupcakes with the words ‘eat me’ written on them in icing

Serve lots of (ice)tea, edible mushrooms, pepper soup or Mock Turtle soup, oysters, plum-pudding, and a leg of mutton

Get biscuit cutters in teapot and playing card ace, diamond, space, club shapes and cut sandwiches


Different sized chairs around a long table with a large armchair at the head of the table

Colourful tablecloth

Lots of mismatched teapots, teacups and saucers

Playing cards scattered around

Chess pieces

Golden keys

Clocks (stopped)


Croquet on the lawn, preferably with toy hedgehogs instead of balls

Hunt the golden key

Pin the grin on the Cheshire cat

“I’m late!” potato sack race – everyone has to hop to the finish like the White Rabbit


  • ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane
  • ‘I am the Walrus’ by the Beatles
  • ‘Looking Glass’ by Hypnogaja
  • ‘Through The Looking Glass’ by Symphony X
  • ‘What are you waiting for’ by Gwen Stefany
  • ‘Don’t come around here no more’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • ‘Heads Will Roll’ by YEAH YEAH YEAHS
  • ‘Alice In Wonderland’ by Wynter Gordon
  • ‘Sunshine’ by Aerosmith
  • ‘Alice, Alice’ by Victim Effect
  • ‘Alice’ by Lisa Mitchell
  • ‘Off with your head’ by Mz. Ann Thropik
  • ‘Fairytale’ by Omnia
  • ‘Jabberwocky’ by Omnia
  • ‘The Streets fell into my window’ by The Red Paintings
  • ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Adam Lambert
  • ‘Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum’ by Bob Dylan