Exactly what you need on a cold, rainy day, a sleeping bag to snuggle up on the sofa in front of a good film. Thing is, you can’t walk in one or hold a drink without getting your arms out. Enter The Nap Sack, from cool new US camping company Poler. It’s a sleeping bag you can wear.

It’s summer-weight with zips at the shoulders so you can stick your arms out, and a drawstring at the bottom, so you can open it and stick your legs out, or hike it up to your waist and wear it as a puffy coat. Designed by a couple of snowboarders and surfers looking for practical outdoor kit to take on road trips, it’s perfect for camping, festivals, jumping into after a surf or just hanging out on the sofa. Mmm cosy.

£89.99. Available in the UK from Snow + Rock.