If you haven’t already come across books The Moustachapillar and Too Many Girls then you’re in for a treat. Written and illustrated by artist Jonty Lees, who studied Fine Art at Falmouth before taking an MFA in sculpture at the Slade, both are highly humourous visual treats that will amuse parents as well as kids.

The Moustachapillar, his first book, tells the tale of a young boy, Eric, in his quest to gain a moustache. Unable to grow one of his own he experiments with various objects around the home much to his mother’s despair. Then, one day when walking in the park he meets a caterpillar. Together the new friends go on various adventures before they enter and win a moustache competition!

Too Many Girls may well be autobiographical as Lees has two daughters of his own. Downtrodden and hen-pecked by his partner and two daughters, the “Daddy” of the story decides to take things into his own hands. Tired of not being able to eat his favourite pies, listen to Neil Diamond and do the things he likes to do he starts to make changes around the house…The inevitable fight that results between the family is funny, unusual and, at times, bizarre. And only after they have battled over food, fashion, interior decorating, personal hygiene and music do they all unite again as one big happy family.

Both books are aimed at ages 3 and over and are published by 8 Books.