The ideal party theme for feral boys. If you’ve got a big garden even better because things could get pretty wild.


Cut out a crown from metallic card or the outline of a wild thing from light brown card and write party details on the back


Wild Things, obvs. Birthday boy can wear the crown


Leaves and trees – real if party is in autumn or paper leaves and cardboard trees cut out and stuck around the house


Lots of green and brown food!

Apple and cucumber zinger juice (apple 2.5 to cucumber 0.5 and a knob of ginger)

Guacamole with green peppers and cucumber to dip

Cupcakes with green icing

Green leaf shaped jelly

Brown macaroons

Chocolate cake


Wild animal hunt in the garden. Leave clues like leaves, footprints etc

Each child will be given a Wild Thing name

Wild Rumpus dance musical statues

Pin the tail on the Wild Thing

Pass the crown – whoever it lands on when the music stops gets a present


Where the Wild Things Are sound track, especially ‘Rumpus’

Jungle book – Bare Necessities, Colonel Hathi’s March

Welcome to the jungle – Guns n Roses

Forest – Bat For Lashes

Wild World – Cat Stevens

Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

Wild Boys – Duran Duran

Wild Thing – The Troggs

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Really Wild Child – Iggy Pop